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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 10, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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we got pictures from the tour as well. thankk >> four miners have been found dead, bringing the total death toll to 29. rescuers went in friday after being forced to turn back three times. they had been trying to reach a safe chamber. such chambers are stocked with food, water and enough oxygen for several days. they were hoping to find those men alive. news this hour, those four miners, missing since monday, have now been found dead. their deaths bring the total death toll to 29 in what is called the worst coal nine disaster since 1970. we go to molly, live at the scene in west virginia. >> reporter: as the governor said, quote, we did not get the miracle we wanted.
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he came in and told the media just a few minutes ago, those four unaccounted for miners have been beinged for. they are dead, along with the other 25 inside the mine. they were trying to get to that last refuge chamber, the last place they could have been and still been alive. they made it there today after four tries, but the chamber had not been deployed and they found the four bodies in an area that rescuers had gone by previously, but because of the conditions and the low visibility, they hadn't seen these bodies. now they have accounted for all 25 and now as the governor said, the healing can begin for the families who have waited anxiously since monday afternoon, for word of what had happened to their loved ones inside the mine. >> tragic news for the families, molly. we heard from a federal mine safety official. he said there will be a thorough investigation, both at the state and federal level. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: right, the
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recovery search, even overnight, they may begin the process of removing some of the bodies. the governor said they would be done with dignity out of respect toward the families. the location of the bodies will be mapped with flags so that investigators can go back after the recovery scproses begin the investigation. but right now, the focus is not necessarily the investigation, it's the recovery. getting the bodies out, getting them to family members so they can be buried and the family members can continue the healing. >> after all of these days, the family members waiting, what is the mood there? was this expected or were people pretty shocked at this news? >> reporter: you can imagine, the explosion happened on monday afternoon. there had been so many thwarted attempts to find the four missing, unaccounted-for miners. i think there was a sense as the days went on that, that maybe this would be the outcome. but the families kept saying, they were holding out hope until they got the final word. tonight they got the final word.
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and the governor said there will be a memorial service at some point. he didn't have details, for all 29 who died in this mine. now we know the number's 29. not just the community, but the whole state in some way can memmorrialize this event. but he had no details on when the memorial service would be. >> thank you for that reporting from the disaster. we appreciate t. of course, we heard from the west virginia governor saying this was not the miracle they hoped for. they found the four missing miners, bringing the death toll to 29 now. for now, we go back to "on the record." spectators, who decidedt involved. rather than treat them with some respect even if they don't agree with them, instead asking for money before the deadline for contributions, where they -- with a -- vicious depict of the tea party movement. they called them vile right
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wing slugs vicious stuff. >> greta: they are putting targets on the backs of some democratic candidates. they are not happy with the republican party or they wouldn't have peeled off and created this tea party movement if you look at what is going on in new orleans now with the southern republican leadership conference. they are now paying some homage to the tea party movement. >> i have a slight disagreement. i think the tea party movement rose not in opposition to parties, but in opposition to policies. tea party members have evolved into a movement much like the civil rights movement or the pro-life movement or the second amendment rights movement which grew out of opposition to certain policies then found itself in a place where it wanted to influence people in both political parties. i don't think it is we don't like the republicans we don't like the democrats therefore we are going to become a third
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force. it was we don't like the policies discussed in front of congress today. now it is trying to find a way to say, how do we without become ago adjunct to the republican party, become a movement that influences people in both parties at the election time? we've seen that successfully done before. i think the tea party movement is going to find us. as i go around the country i find no enthusiasm among tea party leaders for creating a tea party party in this case the tea party leaders are in essence suing the democrat operatives who tried to create a tea party party on the ballot to siphon off enough votes to reelect harry reid. they are doing it because they don't want their name to be taken as a political organization. they want to be a movement that forces both parties to pay attention to big ideas about which they are talking. >> greta: as you look at the tea party movement the people
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most involved to what extent most are not formerly known as independents instead of sitting on the sideline aren't sort of this -- just becoming more active. i'm secure whether the tea party movement isn't saying now i'm getting involved. >> look, there are a bunch of democrats. there are a big slug of independents. something that draws all of the people in the tea party together by and large many have not been active in politics before. i happened to be in san francisco last year and sat next to the woman who organized the tea party movement. i saw her last week. sally came out to see me on my book tour. a woman who was completely anpolitical i happened to be telling this story at another stop along the road and woman came up and said i'm the same way.
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it was in albany, new york, yesterday. she said i'm the same way. i was not involved in politics before. now i'm in the tea party i came here in order to get a better sense of where the republicans are. i think a lot of people -- the one thing that ties all those people together they may be republican, democrat and a bunch are independents, heretofore they haven't been politically act sieve. -- active. they haven't been going to conventions, rallies and showing up at town hall meetings. now they are, particularly trying to filling out where they are on the issue and persuade their mind to come down on their side of the aisle when it comes to the health care bill, power of the government, spending going on in washington. >> greta: the southern republican leadership conference in new orleans, what is that? is that sort of a beauty pageant in terms of -- so republicans can identify hot leaders of the party and who might be the challengers in november? or am i being too flip about
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it? >> i think you are ahead of yourself a little. these things happen all the time. mid western leadership conference, southern leadership conference. it is not a beauty contest. republicans are thinking the ones i've talked to focused mainly on 2010 own peripherally on 2012. this is a way to hone their skills make themselves better known. mostly to hone their skills in front of a big crowd and perfect a message. most republicans that i've talked to, i was with a bunch of southern republicans this week in mississippi getting ready to go to the conference in new orleans, their focus is on 2010, what can in fall? remember, think about it this way, in 2006 at this point, who in the democratic party was getting settled on barack obama? he was the asterisk of the
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polls. nobody was paying attention. the presidential race gets started later than now, and it will be after the 2010 election. >> greta: isn't there a lot behind the scenes seeing who is going to be willing to support you two from now if you are going to run? you make speeches, make deals in and of down the road, isn't there some of that? >> there is some of that there's an interesting spirit this year. i think a lot of republicans are saying i'm going to judge you by how selfless you are. if you spend all of your time going from iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, then i'm not particularly interested. what are you going to do to help elect people across the country that may not be early primary states. it is interesting that palin, romney and pawlenty all started websites and activities where they are trying to put money into raise money and encourage people to give money in target races. many have the same people on
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their list that's good. we want the candidates competing to build up their commits not by -- build up their chits to campaign aggressively around the country regardless of whether they are -- new hampshire senate and congressional races iowa governor's race, south carolina governor's race and some congressional races around those areas. what is going to happen is, republicans are saying, i'm going to judge you differently. how selfless are you as opposed to how self-concerned and self-interested are you. >> greta: that sounds good if you are not self-less but selfish and focus on iowa, new hampshire and south carolina and forget the rest you are going to get the nomination. >> no, no. >> greta: tell me why not. >> here's the deal. in those states particularly iowa and new hampshire they want you to come and romance
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them. they don't fall in love early. they want to see everybody several times, particularly in those first two states. if you are in there today, if people in iowa and new hampshire say i want you aboard you are going to get whacked that is early. i want you to come around and make the case to me but don't be asking me on the first date to start holding hands. >> greta: back to my point you go to these events so you can gather your chips and you begin building your case. i guess that's why i look -- >> sure, i think that's right. but again, i think if they simply go to iowa, new hampshire and south carolina it is going to be widely known. -- we now have a national vision of this. no longer parochial. people are paying attention to these people as they go around
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the country. if somebody camps out in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, it will give them in my opinion this much of an advantage going into next year. those people are going to be saying i'm not going to make up my mind until i see all of them. they republican the danger of making themselves yesterday's news when people get around to saying let's start thinking about 2012. people in those states want to be focused on the races in their state. they won't make a decision until they see all the candidates. maybe if somebody tries to say i'm going to help you because i want you to be for me in 2012 they are going to say wait a minute that's not how they do things come back in march, april and may in 2011 don't be bugging me now make a decision on the presidential contest. >> greta: does karl rove think newt gingrich is running for president? what about former governor palin? find out next.
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>> greta: sarah palin has been criticized by many in the mainstream media now they seem to be thinking maybe she might have a little more ump with the voters. she drew 10,000 people with michelle bachmann the other day in minnesota. is she a contender or is she still just someone who for whatever reason attracts a lot of people listen to her? >> right now she is a phenomena. she has enormous popularity some elements from the per -- she has not made the transition from successful vice presidential candidate, political phenom to candidate,
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potential candidate for the presidency. she going to have to tart framing out a message that is in-depth and substantive and more important than any message that is campaign oriented she going to have to show a side of her that is getting ready to be a significant serious candidate and take over this very important job. you got to begin to demonstrate thank you are presidential in background and nature. that means for her, -- look i think it was a cheap shot by president obama that when he said she doesn't have a particular expertise as a nuclear theorist. it is kind of thing she would have to combat by demonstrating she meeting with certain people and talking to people and making thoughtful speeches, writing thoughtful columns and a confidence that would make people say she is up to being in the oval office. >> greta: former speaker of the house newt gingrich has run this program for the past two years he keeps saying
1:17 am
solutions, solutions so he's putting out ideas. >> very smart. idea machine as you know >> greta: seems to be doing exactly that, am i right? >> yeah i don't know if he is going to become a candidate or not he's an agent provocateur in the house and running up to the elections by provoking people to think what we are for as well as against. he had a very strong speech against president obama i'm not certain that they his own mine has made a decision to be a candidate. he's clearly, as i said using this year not to become a candidate but hone his skills and make himself better if he were to become a candidate at a later time. >> greta: it is gun to watch both parties. nice to see you, thank you, enjoy vegas. >> i'm leaving tonight on a red eye to get to kansas to go to a tea party tomorrow. >> greta: i had a red eye the other night from vegas, i'm
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still feeling weary, so good luck. congressman stupak is retiring. griff jenkins was covering a tea party in michigan the moment congressman stupak announced his retirement. what happened? find out next. knock down drag out slugfest between president obama and sarah palin they are trading verbal jabs all caught on tape. youún
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>> greta: did the pea movement push out congressman stupak or did he just want to retire? today in michigan at the same moment he was announcing his retirement, a tea party was happening. griff jenkins was covering the tea party. what did he hear? he joins us now in michigan. >> reporter: what we heard and saw was about 1,000 tea party activists celebrating and claiming credit for bringing an end to congressman stupak's long and illustrious 18 year career in washington. the congressman said he wasn't pushed out of this race. where we were an hour and a half south, also part of his district, we saw the tea party
1:22 am
express crowd saying they felt they their money's worth out of the $250,000 ad blitz and radio spots they placed in that it yielded significant results. [ applause ] >> reporter: the tea party pressure brought here against congressman stupak, is this a leaping point for you? do you feel that your movement is now emboldened because of what has happened? is there a message and where are you going with this next? >> i think we just pounded the first nail into nancy pelosi speakership. we hope to have the lid shut. [ inaudible ] >> it broke my heart it truly did. >> reporter: you decided to come out and go against the grain here? >> i think it is our
1:23 am
responsibility to stand up for what we feel is right. just as bart stupak did i don't agree with every item on his platform. however, i appreciate the fact that as i said, he put his own issues aside for what he felt was a benefit for the country as a whole. >> reporter: what is your reaction [ inaudible ] >> it is time. and i'm here because this is my son and i'm worried about his children and i want migrant children to have a future that my father gave to me and i hope i gave to him. >> a lot of folks here say congressman stupak betrayed their will is that accurate? >> clearly, he went against what the people of his district wanted. he worked for 18 years trying to cultivate this district and they put their trust in him and he let them down. >> this is a great example for a big victory for the tea
1:24 am
party. it shows what can happen when we make a local issue big and national and put a spotlight on it. especially in the case of stupak where he has betrayed his american people and his own constituents. so the fact that he recognized that himself and realized he was no longer fit to represent the people in the upper peninsula is just great news. >> reporter: greta, the congressman said in his press conference that he felt he had accomplished one of his biggest gels getting health care legislation through. in one of his earlier campaigns. steve brown asked him about the tea party claiming credit for taking his career away from him. here's what he had to say about that. >> there will always be some group who drove me out, scared me out the republican party did it. that's part of politics, i have no problem with that if
1:25 am
anything i just may the tea party people spend a lot that wasn't necessary in the ads me so they can't use it on somebody else so i'll take credit in sucking their treasury dry. >> reporter: in this district, it is very big [ inaudible ] it may be that health care @7 bear. the tea party express will go through michigan swing, two more stops in this district a few hours south of here. it is going to work towards boston where on the 14th, sarah palin, will join the tea party express again and they will end up in washington on tax day on the 15th, where we will check in and see what they are up to and who they are going after next. >> greta: we'll be watching here in washington april 15th, the day that we all know so well. griff, enjoy the upper peninsula. see you back in washington, soon. thank you griff.
1:26 am
>> reporter: thank you. >> greta: will there be a political bloodbath when president obama names his replacement for retiring justice john paul stevens. susan estrich clerked for justice stevens that story, next. >> red hot video president obama in a war with governor palin. chris rock making fun of david letterman's sex scandal on
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>> greta: another battle begins. supreme court justice john paul stevens is retiring. susan estrich clerked for justice stevens. susan joins us live. good evening susan. >> hi greta! >> greta: looks like things are exciting in your old stomping ground of the supreme court. is this going to be a big battle for the president or not? >> well, i think he's gonna make a very smart choice and pick somebody who is imminently confirmable and the republicans won't be able to say no. >> greta: they lost their filibuster-proof senate. have any bearing on any choice that the president might want to makers have us is what he ends up making? >> well, i think, you know
1:30 am
there has been a tradition of treating supreme court justices with a little more respect, certainly letting them get on a committee and come to a vote on the floor. and i think there are at least a few republicans who if he picks someone like kagan, wood or garland would hopefully support that nominee. i think it is unfortunate. i think you would agree this politicalization of judicial nominees to the point that highly qualified people become unconfirmable is just bad for both sides. >> greta: what is interesting about this appointment, everybody thinks -- everyone says that justice stevens is a liberal. i think people may have forgotten that in 1975 when he was appointed by a republican president, president ford, people didn't call him a liberal. >> no, they certainly didn't. i remember the national
1:31 am
organization for women opposed him because they said he issued a decision when he was on the 7th circuit that was inconsistent with women's rights. when i was applying for clerkship my first choice was justice brennan, he was the liberal, but he wouldn't hire women, believe it or not. justice stevens went next as they say he was the next one to select his clerk. and i remember i was literally worried. i thought, you know here i am, i'm a liberal myself applying to a republican, who was appointed by a republican. and over the years i joked with justice stevens many times about the fact that he's now considered the most liberal member of the court. i said so did you move? he said to, i didn't move it was the rest of the court that moved. and there's some truth to that >> greta: looking at the history of his decisions is that true? he has remained steadfast to his original philosophy and the core has shifted around
1:32 am
him or has he had some change in viewpoints over the years? >> i think there's some of both. but i think what he would say is that he has been a d al conservative judge. somebody who -- been a traditional conservative judge. somebody who decides the case based on law, based on precedent. on a few issues the death penalty being one his position did shift because he was concerned that the court no longer reviewed those cases with the care and attention that frankly he did in the early years. abortion was another issue where he was in favor of parental consent. but if the parents couldn't have a veto over their kids' abortion he couldn't understand why it was the judges should. so i think his position evolved. pretty much he would tell you and he has told me many times, the court shifted, he didn't shift. >> greta: he's going to benigny in 11 dis.
1:33 am
he's tough -- going to be 90 in 11 days. he's tough. they live very long lives and work long years. it is extraordinary how long these men and now women work. >> we are all getting together his former clerks come may that was the tip off to me, we don't do it that off. -- that often. when i the thing in the mail that said come in may for a special dinner with the justice, i thought, 90, his wife has been having some health iron use. but he's still out there playing -- golf, very active. if you ask me, he's still as sharp as he was 30 years ago. >> greta: i thought it was peculiar, he sent the letter over to the white house while the president was on -- flying in from overseas i think that's what happened. i that it that was unusual.
1:34 am
awe grey? >> i heard he was out of town actually. the justice was out of town. so i'm not sure the mechanics on this supreme court justices are not as much the political animals that we're used to in terms of knowing the president's movements. my guess is the court wasn't in session today and he was out of town and he doesn't necessarily know the president's every movement as well as we do. >> greta: he replaced justice douglas, very liberal douglas, i guess that's why we thought he was so conservative. >> well replace justice douglas in his confirmation hearings a lot of liberals were nervous about him. i view him as a wonderful example of what a justice should be. a person of incredible intelligence and integrity, who does not necessarily have a long political record.
1:35 am
has a record as a solid lawyer. superb lawyer. as a circuit court judge, as he was. and who takes to the bench -- >> greta: there's our signal. susan, thank you you know the drill. >> thank you greta i know signals. >> greta: governor perry, former governor palin bringing down the house at a major conference. the video is next. did you see this, chris rock goes on david letterman's show and mocks letterman about letterman's sex scandal. the only word
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. more tragedy in montcoal, west virginia. the four men still missing since monday's blast in the upper big branch mine have been found dead. the grim news bringing the death toll to 29. the governor of west virginia announcing the tragic discovery just about an hour ago. >> this journey... this journey has ended. and now the healing will start. thank you. >> it was the fourth time rescue crew his tried to reach those missing miners. people had been holding out hope that the miners might have reached one of the safety chambers inside the mine. the crews found that none of them had been used by those
1:40 am
trapped men. with 29 people dead, this disaster is called the worst coal mining disaster in the u.s. since the 1970s explosion which killed 38 in kentucky. >> greta: southern republican leadership conference in full swing and major republicans are swinging at po2 names you will -- at president obama. two names you will recognize. >> they are being told today that big daddy government has all the answers. that's what we are hearing from a washington, d.c. that is absolutely out of control. they're saying y'all don't worry your pretty little heads. >> the time to articulate the alternative is from now until november when they say yes we can. we stand up and say oh no you don't! when they try to restrict freedom and grow government, prove the republican party
1:41 am
common sense conservatives have a better way because this is the party of lincoln and reagan! this is the party that put an end to slavery. this is the party -- that this is the party that declared that it is morning in america again and this is the party that led us to victory in the coal war with the firm directive, we win, you lose! >> but i get it. i get it about the principles of governing. you do not have to be a ph.d from harvard in political science to understand the principles of governing. number one, do not spend all the money. have a tax and regulatory policy that are fair and predictable have a legal system that does not allow for over [ inaudible ] have an account able public school system which says to
1:42 am
the job creators that this is a place that has a skilled workforce. those are the core things. then get out of the way government and let the private sector do what the private sector does best! create jobs create wealth. that's how to do it. >> yes we can. somebody needs to tell the president that just because we can does not mean that we should. now they're revising that 2008 slogan for 2010. having just rammed through a more than two trillion dollar health care takeover flying around the country on the taxpayer funded victory lap pro claiming yes we did. i wouldn't be so quick to slap that on a bumper sticker yet. a lot of common sense conservatives [ inaudible ]
1:43 am
repeal and replace. and the bumper sticker how is that hopey changey thing working out for you now. or my favorite, don't retreat, reload and that is not a call for violence! [ cheering ] >> the president with the vast nuclear experience that he acquired as a community organizer and as a part-time senator and as a fulltime candidate of an -- [ inaudible ] >> greta: will one of those republicans be the gop nominee for president in 2012? we have to wait and see. if you think 9.7% is a horrible unemployment rate, brace yourself.
1:44 am
unemployment rate for workers 16 to 24 is 21%. steve moore joins us he's a senior economic writer for the "wall street journal" editorial page. 21% is horrendous. i guess in order for me to be fully scandalized about it, prerecession is that about the unemployment rate for youth at that age? i know youth have a higher rate. tell me, what is it usually? >> usually the unemployment rate for teens and people in their early 20s greta, you are right is a little higher than it is for adults. we've never seen anything in the last couple of decades like 21% unemployment rate for people under the age of 24. some of the s are much worse than that i was looking at the numbers today. the black teenaged unemployment rate today is between 40 and 50% disaster. the only good news is our unemployment rate for teens
1:45 am
and people this their early 20s is a lot lower than it is in some of those european countries. >> greta: youth unemployment this will make us feel a little better. spain 39%, italy 28%, those are horrendous numbers throughout. let me bring you back to the african-american youth, 50%. is anything being done to sort of target that demographic to help them find work? >> no. in fact i would headache the case that exactly the opposite happening. we've had three increases in the minimum wage in the last three years. those i think are job destroyers of jobs for young people. the evidence is absolutely clear on this. the people [ inaudible ] teenagers who have never worked before. i have an 18 and 17-year-old boys nobody would hire them at $7.25 an hour, i sure wouldn't.
1:46 am
it would be great for them to get a first time job to learn just as everyone remembers the first job they ever had for pay. you learn how to either run a cash register, show up on time, be courteous. those are job skills that are so important in life. i worry because of this high unemployment rate for young people they are kind of not getting those starter jobs that get them used to working in the labor force. >> greta: let me throw a random idea out. would it make sense in terms of trying to address this unemployment because we want them to get job skills so they can have fruitful lives. would it make sense that at the lower end to exempt them from the minimum wage or not or would that create slave labor? >> you and i think alike on this teen minimum wage may be a $4 an hour would be great. it would allow them to find jobs that they could fill. right now there jobs for
1:47 am
teenagers. the summer is coming soon. and the last thing we want is 30, 40% of teenagers who can't find jobs. this is an important thing to have an minimum wage that is -- [ inaudible ] for people who are adults heads of households it may make sense to have a generous minimum wage not for people who are 19-years-old. >> greta: i think it takes more than an exemption from minimum wage to inspire yuck people -- young people to go out and get jobs and inspire people to offer them to young people because they are not typically the most responsible. they may not always be the most responsible. i think it takes a little more, our culture, our nation to reach out and be royal models and to encourage and provide opportunities. >> i agree. let me make one other point related to this topic. there was news this week that the labor department is now going to say that interns,
1:48 am
people who are learning on-the-job i'm sure fox news has interns, we have summer interns at the "wall street journal" they will for the first time have to be paid minimum wage that is going to destroy a lot of job opportunities for kids in school learning on-the-job real specific skills. >> greta: in some instances the internships [ inaudible ] >> a disagree with you on that one. >> greta: i should say there are many issues in consideration steve thank you. next, the best of the rest. uh-oh governor palin hammers president obama. the fires fires back. [ inaudible ] this you will not expect. plus, even the rich and famous are losing their houses. a rich movie star or at least
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest this is getting rough. thins have not changed much since the 2008 election. #8osq)!í governr
1:53 am
sarah palin hammered president obama on hannity over the president's recent nuclear posture review. >> it is unbelievable. unbeliever able. no administration in america's history would i think ever have considered such a step that we just found out that president obama is supporting today. that's like getting out on the playground a bunch of kids ready to fight and one saying punch me in the face and i'm not going retaliate. >> greta: president obama firing back at the former alaskan governor. >> i really have no response to that last i checked sarah palin is not much of an expert on nuclear issues flash flood the secretary of defense and the chairman of the join -- if the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs are staff ever comfortable with it i'm going not going to take -- [ inaudible ] >> greta: some of the liberal ladies on the view defending a member of the palin family her
1:54 am
19-year-old daughter bristol promoting abstinence as abbas door joy behar respects the teen mother's decision. >> the girl knows what she is talking about. it is not like jon gosselin talking about fatherhood or tiger woods talking about marriage. she has been there, she knows. >> i think a lot of girls will look at that and see. i remember last year, britney spears he assist ter had gotten pregnant and were talking about whether her show should be taken off the air. i like that because you can see -- >> greta: even the rich and famous are not immune to home foreclosure. nicholas cage's mansion went up on the foreclosure auction block this year. earlier this year he tried sell the estate for 35 million dollars, he got no offers. bidding began this week at
1:55 am
10.4 million dollars. again, not one offer. many describe the mansion as fascinating and bizarre no surprise there. and there you have it, the best of the rest. still ahead, chris rock secures david letterman to his face i'm robert shapiro. over a million people have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. so start your business, protect your family, launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. would you like to make a commute that's a little more worthwile? then you belong at bass pro shops. right now redhead bass tournament shirts are only $14.94 and this humminbird piranhamax fishfinder is only $99.99. your adventure starts here. impact fishing markets in japan, marine legislation in the u.s., and food consumption in italy? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, it is time. last call. apparently chris rock has notting for gotten about david letterman's sex scandal this
1:59 am
week noted he had a sore throat, then, well, watch. >> you know, you're a rich man. you can just go home. oh. wife still mad at you, ain't she? >> and i don't feel so good. >> why am i going to drive back to connecticut to a mean woman? i might as well stay here and do the show. i love ya, honey! >> not much i can say here. >> i know. when i'm back staged and fire all cute girls you've got fat old guys back there. the whole... [ laughter". >> the vibe is just horrible, man. the band can't take it no more. >> some of the guys are starting to look pretty good.